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About Us
About Us

In order to fight against COVID-2019, we have invested in a new mask factory, everything is new.

We are Chinese government designated factory to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) for government, during the COVID outbreak time in China ,Febuary.

Daily production capacity
Disposable medical masks: 800K Pcs/day.
Medical surgical masks: 300K Pcs/day.
KN95/N95 masks: 300K Pcs/day.

KN95(CHINA)=N95(USA Standerd)=FFP2(EU)=KF94

High BFE/PFE, Adjustable nose piece, Elastic earloop,5 ply material.

We've got FDA, CE and the licenses for China domestic market.

Example of a Bad KN95 Mask / Fake KN95 Masks / How to Tell / Difference between a Good mask

Here is a good YouTube 6 Minute 22 second video on the difference between a Bad KN95 and a Good KN95 Mask. How to tell a Fake from a Real One. Our KN95 masks are much nicer than every mask pictured in this video and we also have a 6 layer 99% filtration version for medical use and general use. 

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